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Cliff SealHi, I’m Cliff Seal.

Logos Creative is my creative venture focused on optimizing your online media with real people in mind. Research, strategy, and experience enable us to create a top-notch experience for the people who want to connect with your organization.

WordPress, Content, and UX Consulting

I focus on empowering my clients with knowledge and tools to meet outcome-based goals. I can guide you through the discovery, design, and development of a WordPress project, catalyze your content marketing strategy, or ensure your product provides a great user experience.

I will not sell you on paying me for monthly ‘maintenance’. Instead, I’ll sell you on your ability to know, manage, and improve your online presence—from choosing good WordPress plugins and keeping your site updated, to developing a long-term content strategy that people will love.

Cliff’s expertise with WordPress was one of the reasons we choose him. It was helpful to work with someone who knew WordPress well and wasn’t afraid to speak up and offer his suggestions for making our site the best that it could be.

Cliff’s expert knowledge of WordPress was the best part about working with him.

Cliff managed to take an abundance of web content and, using WordPress as a platform, and thoughtfully and creatively structured it so that much of it was automated and more manageable.

Cliff Seal’s expertise in WordPress has been incredibly helpful. We knew what we wanted in a website, but did not know where to begin. Cliff’s knowledge helped guide us to exactly what we needed.

WordPress Development

I build WordPress themes, plugins, and applications that are fast, scalable, and SEO-friendly—all while adhering to WordPress’s best practices.

I’ve been developing in Wordpress for over five years, and am an active member of the community, releasing resources, speaking at WordCamps, and following the core WordPress project.

His communication was responsive and thorough, the timeline and budget finished better than the proposal, the code is well-organized and well commented, the logic is strong, and the UX is well-thought-out.

With ease and ingenuity, Cliff was able to take my design ideas and turn them into a sleek and functional website. No glitches, no hassles, no problems.

Our website has a strong foundation, which shows that Cliff’s coding abilities are his real talent. Cliff took the time to build the proper structure, so it is exceptionally easy for us to use.

It’s amazing to know our code is so clean I can read it, and manipulate it with just a little bit of direction.

Website and Interface Design

I design sites and interfaces that delight users and meet business goals with a heavy focus on user experience.

Thoughtfully-constructed design is not only pleasing, but directly affects readership and buyer interest. I favor the practical and proven over the newfangled and fancy because your visitors do, too. Design should serve you and your goals, and I’m relentless in helping you pursue them.

Our website is a consistent source of pride for our group. We are often reminded by our customers of how well the site is designed and the ease of navigation. Further, the SEO company we use (who was privy to our old site) remark at least once a month of how “the new site’s design is exceptional and compliments all of the SEO tools”. At every single show we have, a patron informs us that “they saw our site, and decided to come down to the show.”

I believe that Cliff’s knowledge of UI and what practices are most effective with websites directly led to us having great looking and functioning web presence for our users.

Here’s a bit of my work, ranging from design to development to everything in between. Successful projects are created in the intersection between proper design/UX principles and an organization’s understanding of their target audience.

Eventide BrewingBe ChristmasVillage TheatreStonerider“Christian to the Core” Mini-SiteGreat Day of ServiceMt. Bethel DNOW2012 ThemeBook of Common Prayer

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Working with Cliff has been an excellent experience. We needed a quick turnaround on an important development project and Cliff delivered in every possible area. Cliff is highly recommended and I look forward to working with him again. (Kevin Mann, CallRail)

My project was done on time, on budget, and the results are amazing. I honestly would feel bad if I didn’t tell my friends about Cliff if they were trying to do a website! Whether they hire him or not, his council alone is worth its weight in gold. (Mathew Sweezey, Eventide Brewing)

I’ve recommended Cliff to everyone I’ve found who’s been looking for web design. In my humble opinion, he’s simply as good as they come, and a highly valued asset to my brand’s success. (Jason Krutzky, Stonerider)

We are very pleased with the final product Cliff provided us with—from the clean, well-written code to the support we have received after the site launch. We would most definitely recommend Cliff to anyone that is looking for a professional with great insight, customer service and keen attention to detail. (Josh Harwell, New Hope Church)

Cliff was able to not only build the site, but also make sure that the site had the ability to work on it’s own and for less experienced people (me) to be able to easily change content. Alot of people can build sites, but not everyone can make them so the actual owner of the site can do their own content management. (Blair Holden, Village Theatre)

Cliff is one of those developers that, after finding him, you cringe at the thought of working with anyone else. Always polite and courteous, he does things the right way, clarifies any questions before he begins work and makes sure he understands the desired outcome. His attention to detail is second to none. (Richard Miles,

Cliff has been easy to work with, quick to answer questions, and always on time or ahead of any scheduled deadlines. He truly turned my website from a liability to an asset, and I’m thrilled with the results. I would recommend Cliff to anyone who needs a talented web designer who is great to work with. (Lee Dodds, Volunteer Publishing)

Cliff was always very professional, timely, and thoughtful. He took into consideration the sensitive nature of our clientele the website will reach and designed a beautiful website in a very calming and non-threatening manner. I look forward to working with Cliff in the future as our website grows! (Meghan Swann, Lost Stork Foundation)

Cliff made the process very easy for us- always in constant communication and promptly responding to any questions. Unlike previous designers, he met the deadline and even came in a few days early! We couldn’t be happier with the website. (Jen Schingeck, Backyard Realty)