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We’ll cover the basics of the Transients API, see basic examples, and then discuss common places where this method can be most helpful, like large, complex queries or pulling from an external API. We’ll also discuss how this type of caching is unique, when to use it, and how to scale it for big bursts of traffic.

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I’ve got all the working code samples in a plugin that you can look through while we talk. View it in GitHub, or download the repo and apply it to a local WordPress installation to see the code at work. To do that:

  1. Clone the repo to your plugins directory or download the .zip file.
  2. Activate the plugin.
  3. Import the contained .xml file, which will import five posts with shortcodes that execute the functions.

If you use MAMP and want to spin up an installation quickly, I’ve got a shell script for you to do just that.

August 16, 2014 — 1 Comment — In Blog, Presentations, WordCamp, WordCamp Birmingham

Thanks for your time, WordCamp Birmingham! I enjoyed trading stories of success and failure, and finding ways to be brave and vet new ideas.

Feel free to continue to give me your feedback—this was my first time giving this talk, and I want to ensure it’s as helpful as it can be.

Check out some of my favorite tweets from the session:

Thanks for hanging out first thing in the morning, WordCamp Chicago!

If you’re looking for the sources of the data in my presentation, click the links inside the actual slides. You didn’t think I’d use data without telling you where to read more, did you?

As promised, here are some of my favorite tweets this morning. Unfortunately, no one was angry or petty with me, so no truly hilarious ones to post—but check back!

We had a good time, didn’t we, WordCamp Miami? There was plenty of information to fit into a small bit of time. With the video and the slides, you go back and take those notes that I told you not to take. 🙂

My slides have links to the sources, so you can find plenty of research and further reading there. (One of the studies’ links is acting up, so you can view Google’s cached version).

Here’re some of my favorite tweets: