I loved giving this presentation. In lieu of a more traditional, linear this-is-how-you-do-something-better presentation, we stepped back and discussed reframing the place where all of our content actually comes from. We confronted our assumptions about our own users (current and potential clients/volunteers) and applied the way we converse in-person to the way we create and present our content. Simply being more self-aware allows you to be more conscious of the ‘conversation’ you’re having on the web!

It would be too difficult to summarize everything we discussed in 90 minutes (of which we used every second), so here’s just a few of the interesting pieces of content tweeted or Instagram’d during the presentation, along with a few items to help. For the most part, these tweets cover ideas that weren’t on the slides, so I hope they’ll assist with context.

First off, the video from the 5th slide:

As I noted on Twitter, if you enjoyed my presentation, I’d love for you to request me at your local conferences or suggest places for me to apply to speak. It was my first time giving that talk, and, based on feedback, it seemed to really help some folks. I love that! I’m passionate about seeing people get connected to what they’re looking for more quickly.

If you have a speaking suggestion, reply to me on Twitter (that link will tie it to my originally-tweeted request) or send me an email.

Feel free to contact me, as well, if I can help answer any questions! While we can always discuss any potential projects, I’m also open to helping you in any way I can to make a better web.

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October 11, 2012 — Leave a comment — In Blog, Digital Atlanta, Presentations, SEO